Inland Marine

Although classified as property insurance, some of the most important inland marine classes provide only liability coverage. Inland marine insurance indemnifies loss to moving or movable property and is an outgrowth of ocean marine insurance. Historically, ocean marine insurance held the transporter responsible for property loss before, during, and after the completion of the voyage. In the 1800s the non-ocean portion of the journey grew as cargoes were transferred to non-ocean vessels (such as barges) and the term ``inland marine`` was coined.

Inland marine policies became known as “floaters” since the property to which coverage was originally extended was essentially “floating.” The coverage has grown to include property that just involves an element of transportation. The property that is insured under inland marine coverage is typically one of the following:

Actually in transit
Held by a bailee
At a fixed location that is an instrument of transportation
A movable type of goods that is often at different locations

The following coverages represent a wide range of the types of coverages typically called “inland marine”:

Bailee Customer's Goods
Communication Towers and Equipment
Computer Coverage
Contractors Equipment
Fine Arts/Jewelry/Furs
Leased Property
Mobile Medical Equipment
Motor Truck Cargo
Musical Instruments
Processing Risks
Rigger's Liability
Trip Transit
Valuable Papers
Warehouse Legal

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