Cyber Liability:

Never before has the threat of a cyber security breach been so widespread among various business types and sizes.  Many people envision the famous breaches to the large-scale retail operations when they think of cyber security, but the threat exists for any business.  Even if you don’t accept credit card information or other personally identifiable information that might be valuable for resale, cyber extortionists have recognized that gap and are now targeting businesses by simply locking your systems and holding them for ransom.  For more information on how you can evaluate your “cyber health” and for a quote on this important coverage, please contact us today.

Program Highlights:

  • Simplified application process
    • Quick Pricing offers same day quote turn-around for qualifying business
  • Designed for business of all sizes
  • Customized coverage parts to cover only what you require
  • Cyber extortion sub-limits
  • Defense outside the limit
  • Business interruption limits
  • Supplemental limits for breach response, data recovery and crisis management
  • Increased 3rdparty liability limits (limits paid to another person/entity)
  • Increased 1stparty coverage limits (limits paid to policyholder)
  • Notification and monitoring coverage

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