Business Owners Policy

If you own or run a small business, your insurance needs may be properly handled by a business owner policy or BOP.

BOPs are similar to a homeowners policy in that they both offer property and liability protection in one policy. Businesses such as retailers, wholesalers, small contractors, artisan contractors, dry cleaners, restaurants, offices, and convenience stores (including those with gas pumps) and many others are eligible for BOP coverage.

BOP Property Coverage

Protection for buildings
Additions (completed or under construction)
Indoor and outdoor fixtures
Machinery and equipment
Landlord furnishings
Maintenance property (such as mowers, snowblowers, ladders, etc)
Outdoor furniture
Floor coverings
Appliances used for refrigerating, ventilating, cooking, dishwashing, and laundering
Materials, equipment, supplies and temporary structures located near the insured premises

BOP Liability Coverage

Provides comprehensive protection for claims or suits made by other parties
Covers losses involving injury to other persons or damage to property that belongs to others.
Limited protection against personal injury (slander or libel)
Advertising injury
Losses involving an operation's products or services

BOP Common Policy Exclusions

Losses involving most vehicles
Money and securities
Illegal property (contraband)
Land, water, growing crops or lawns

BOP Additional Coverage Options

Accounts receivable
Valuable papers and records
Additional business interests
Limited vehicle liability
Losses related to personnel situation
Liquor liability
Injuries to leased employees

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